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Should you Bother Using Meta Keyword Tags?

As with most SEO queries there is no straight forward answer, so I’ll just go with it depends…

Basically Google doesn’t use them any more at all!

So if you’re only worried about how you show up on Google don’t bother (unless your site search feature uses them!).

However, if you’re concerned about showing up on Yahoo or Bing they are a necessity!

Bing and Yahoo have a combined 10%* of search market share which may not seem like much first glance, however this accounts for 4.6 Billion^ searches per month in the US alone!

Yahoo has claimed in the past that they stopped indexing the meta keyword tag, however they provide advice on improving your search position including:

Use a “keyword” metatag to list keywords for each page of your website. Use distinct lists of keywords that relate to each specific page on the site. Do not use one broad set of keywords for the entire site.

Bing also provides similar suggestions in their head tag optimisation blog.

So if you care about your position on Bing or Yahoo follow their advice, but like any SEO method you will need more than just a good meta keyword tag to position well on any search engine.

*According to Net Market Share

^According to comScore December 2010 U.S. Search Engine Rankings

Vancouver 2010 – Show Off time for Bing and Google – Yahoo! Off the Table

Tragic start to Olympic Games in the real world didn’t stop the show to go on and the first five days went on with problems which are purely down to Mother Nature (permanent lack of snow).

Regarding virtual presence Vancouver  Games proves to be even more advanced and better served by search engines than Benjing 2008 or any other Olimpics before. Apart from medal leader board we have a great design and usability features on search engines.

GOOGLE – Google’s desire to create out of SERPs (tech: search engines result pages) one stop shops is visible this winter more than ever before

  • Schedule for particular day in particular discipline – with info by time zone
  • Event Schedule Vancouver 2010 Olimpics in Search engines

    Event Schedule Vancouver 2010 Olimpics in Search engines

  • Results for latest events in particular discipline with names of the competitors and scores if apply
  • Vancuver 2010 on Google

    Vancuver 2010 on Google

Bing – They went all the way with homepage connected with Vancuver events through several links which are dragging people to Vancouver related visual search only one far right bottom link is connected to something unrelated.
Bing Winter Olympics Upgrade - It is all about Vancouver 2010 here

Bing Winter Olympics Upgrade - It is all about Vancouver 2010 here

  • Full section with Vancouver.com homepage link on the top for general keywords (olimpic games etc)
  • Design rich sections for results for winter sports keywords with links to MSN/Bing powered CTV website for olimpics
Yahoo! – declining role of Yahoo! on search engines arena can be now clearly visible in the way Yahoo! covers Vancouver Games. As a portal Yahoo! deal with Eurosport creates situation that all content is fed from this particular site. When you type in “Vancouver 2010″ you are served with Eurosport content all over the place. But this wouldn’t be a problem. The sign that they do not invest any more in Search even on basic scale is visible on other Olympic related queries try  “olimpic games” and you will find out that you are served with News Section and set of currently at least important links with Wikipedia ahead of well known Eurosport.
What couple of these “olimpic” searches shows us is significant and I believe it defines what we can expect from search engines over next couple of years. It shows search engines effort to cover such an event and deliver the best results in a short therm
- All Search engines developed special sections for Olympics
- Yahoo! stopped Search Engine Investments their section is has got very limited visibility
- Google is the only search engine to send people broadly from special section links directly to Vancouver 2010 official webiste
- Bing and Yahoo! both support themselves with partners delivering results for Olympic games queries (CTV and Eurosport
Out of this we can draw only one picture. Even with very heavy presence of AdWords section on the top of search results Google maintained the highest relevancy by sending you to the most relevant page in the world for this year olimpic event http://www.vancouver2010.com results are at least “contaminated” by marketing/advertising deals and offers great deal of information without leaving SERPs. What we wonder for the future is how many of these Google’s “Olimpic real time experiments” will find its way to Google Algorithm
by Krzysztof Kurzydlo

Yahoo! and Microsoft finally at the altar – Is Yahoosoft coming in 9 months?

The two giants in calm and peace create strong opposition to Google.

After several years of boardroom pushing, fallen share prices, angry shareholders, wasted money and ineffective search algorithms we have now something which will be trying to counterweight huge Google supremacy.

As nothing stays forever Google also must go at some point now we will wait to see whether it is possible for Yahoosoft to challenge Google. After recent announcements regarding Google OS release Yahoo and MSN realised that there is a great chance they will be out of the market soon if they do not combine their technologies, traffic share to overcome current problems. Bing launch which end up as another Microsoft’s failure on search market (because of low level of customers) as well as news which were around regarding YouTube advance on the second position as World’s most busy search engine created good atmosphere for this gigantic move. All these events left no doubt for Yahoo! and Microsoft what needs to be done next. For now in couple of months we can expect Bing results on Yahoo! network with Microsoft’s ads served in various places. Yahoo! secures its position revenue and is able to cut on engineers and other costs it means they sold their traffic. Microsoft will take all search engine work and advertising platform development under their wings in return for just 12% ads revenue income. For now this is 10 years contract but…

What challenges wait if there is no divorce in the future

I would say that success of this merger depends on Yahoosoft reinvention in next couple of years mostly regarding Bing search platform but not only from end user point of view but also from Advertisers point of view.
Google success is based on its AdWords platform whoever will be able to challenge its effectives will succeed. It is natural progression for Google to go from PPC to PPA (but still PPC based). But is there any reason for Bing to continue this pathway

Who said the next advertising model must be based on PPC?

Creating innovative platform for ad publishers, ad creators, online marketing agencies and finally end consumers is the major challenge for Yahoosoft.
They also have to remember there is no chance to beat Google if you do not invest in other then English based platforms.