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Google Offers 2 New Products to Get You Fit!

Gmail Motion, currently in it’s BETA stage is one of the two new ground breaking products Google is offering today!

Gmail Motion uses your computer’s webcam along with Google’s spatial tracking technology to register your movements and translate them into meaningful commands, phrases and characters, as shown in the image to the right.

This exciting new technology breaks down the currently existing barriers between humans and the restricting input devices we are lumbered with.

Google Motion can increase your productivity by up to 12% whilst keeping you fit.

Google has also said a Google Docs Motion could be available in the next few months as well.

But that’s not all Google is offering today, in keeping with the physical fitness theme Google Chrome has released Chormercise, a workout for your hands!

Google understands that web surfing can be strenuous, and with browsers becoming faster and faster how can you keep up?

They’ve created a workout to give your hands greater strength and dexterity so you can surf the web faster and loose your phalanges flab!

These products are some of the most revolutionary Google has brought out I hope to see them integrated with all the services Google currently offers (Motion Maps?, Google Buzzerobics?).

Click here to find out more about Gmail Motion BETA and Google docs Motion BETA.

To learn more about Chromercise visit www.chromercise.com.

This may be an April fools joke…

Vancouver 2010 – Show Off time for Bing and Google – Yahoo! Off the Table

Tragic start to Olympic Games in the real world didn’t stop the show to go on and the first five days went on with problems which are purely down to Mother Nature (permanent lack of snow).

Regarding virtual presence Vancouver  Games proves to be even more advanced and better served by search engines than Benjing 2008 or any other Olimpics before. Apart from medal leader board we have a great design and usability features on search engines.

GOOGLE – Google’s desire to create out of SERPs (tech: search engines result pages) one stop shops is visible this winter more than ever before

  • Schedule for particular day in particular discipline – with info by time zone
  • Event Schedule Vancouver 2010 Olimpics in Search engines

    Event Schedule Vancouver 2010 Olimpics in Search engines

  • Results for latest events in particular discipline with names of the competitors and scores if apply
  • Vancuver 2010 on Google

    Vancuver 2010 on Google

Bing – They went all the way with homepage connected with Vancuver events through several links which are dragging people to Vancouver related visual search only one far right bottom link is connected to something unrelated.
Bing Winter Olympics Upgrade - It is all about Vancouver 2010 here

Bing Winter Olympics Upgrade - It is all about Vancouver 2010 here

  • Full section with Vancouver.com homepage link on the top for general keywords (olimpic games etc)
  • Design rich sections for results for winter sports keywords with links to MSN/Bing powered CTV website for olimpics
Yahoo! – declining role of Yahoo! on search engines arena can be now clearly visible in the way Yahoo! covers Vancouver Games. As a portal Yahoo! deal with Eurosport creates situation that all content is fed from this particular site. When you type in “Vancouver 2010″ you are served with Eurosport content all over the place. But this wouldn’t be a problem. The sign that they do not invest any more in Search even on basic scale is visible on other Olympic related queries try  “olimpic games” and you will find out that you are served with News Section and set of currently at least important links with Wikipedia ahead of well known Eurosport.
What couple of these “olimpic” searches shows us is significant and I believe it defines what we can expect from search engines over next couple of years. It shows search engines effort to cover such an event and deliver the best results in a short therm
- All Search engines developed special sections for Olympics
- Yahoo! stopped Search Engine Investments their section is has got very limited visibility
- Google is the only search engine to send people broadly from special section links directly to Vancouver 2010 official webiste
- Bing and Yahoo! both support themselves with partners delivering results for Olympic games queries (CTV and Eurosport
Out of this we can draw only one picture. Even with very heavy presence of AdWords section on the top of search results Google maintained the highest relevancy by sending you to the most relevant page in the world for this year olimpic event http://www.vancouver2010.com results are at least “contaminated” by marketing/advertising deals and offers great deal of information without leaving SERPs. What we wonder for the future is how many of these Google’s “Olimpic real time experiments” will find its way to Google Algorithm
by Krzysztof Kurzydlo

Google Algorithm and Impact on WWW size

Since Google’s policy (and Google Algorithm) has drastically changed last year regarding paid links WWW had another great reason to grow in volume (Of course Google’s decision is just another reason for having another social media account). Everyone seems to have twitter accounts, links on blogs and works hard on all kinds of forums to get the link in either form out there.
I tried to get a sensible clue out of this and finally I thought about Google Algorithm.
Google Algorithm is not longer brilliant because of its relevancy. Google Algorithm is great because this is a very powerful business engine behind one of the biggest companies in the world. Google’s Algorithm task is to deliver results not to us but to Google’s boardroom and not in the form of horribly looking text links which they recently try to make it more attractive but in the form of
more money
and more money.

My lovely cheeky Google Giant makes money out of AdWords platform which is working well only because of Google brilliant algorithm.
AdWords need more users and publishers to make money so the key success will be to adjust Algorithm always the way that it will produce more users and publishers and will help to get rid of competition buy simply telling everyone – You know AdWords is the only way to go if you want online presence (very clever).

- Among other stuff Google owns: Blogger, Orkut etc – These services are unlikely to bring money back unless they have AdSense publishers and/or traffic
- New Content = New Pages – paid linking doesn’t usually bring new www. Link publisher gets all the money with no contribution to Google he is very unlikely to introduce AdSense online.
- This is simple the more pages is out there the bigger job search engines have and the bigger money are going to their pockets (they all know that not only Google)

I like everything what makes web growing – so lets make it even bigger – I just did my bit – did you?