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New Twitter: Day Two

Twitter is anticipating great things for itself very soon. It has been positioning itself at a worthy social networking competitor to Google by introducing very subtle changes to how it works over the last month or so.

I don’t know about you, but I currently have the very latest version of Twitter at my disposable fulltime. I had a go on it yesterday, but Twitter took it away from me as I was having WAY too much fun with it. You want to read how I first got to grips with the newest version of Twitter.

It all runs very smooth and satisfyingly. When you click on a Tweet in the timeline, a panel slides open with all the latest tweets from the ‘Tweeter’ of the post. The layout is far easier to use and I have learnt where everything is now.

I implore everyone to adopt it with open arms.

My Hands On Experience of New Twitter

New Twitter Preview

Today whilst Tweeting for a client I was given the option to try out ‘new Twitter’. I wrote an article about the features of new Twitter a couple of weeks ago.

I obviously giggled like a schoolgirl on the inside and said yes to the proposal. What I did notice is that the layout has changed quite a lot. The site seems to be 50% wider than before.

The search function has been moved to the top bar, like Facebook. To logout you click a drop down menu at the top right of the page, like Facebook. You can also now embed videos into the feed, like Facebook. The message inbox is also very similar to Facebook. Twitter now promote who you should follow on your Twitter page, not just the Twitter front page before you log in.

Everything is generally easier to navigate and the extra functionality means you don’t have to click off site for images or video. As soon as the UK receives new Twitter fulltime  I will be using it to promote my short films and film blog very much. The UK has not had a full rollout of the service yet, and some won’t like the changes, but will get used to it.

For some reason Twitter won’t let me use the new version a the moment, but I like it. We will be featuring an updated New Twitter review when it becomes nationwide.

The New Twitter Layout – Including Embedded Video

Twitter have announced a new version of it’s website that is currently being rolled out across the world over the next several weeks. The site will be widened to get extra content viewable, as you get to see extra feeds and more features too. This is to stop people having to having to go elsewhere for other information fixes. It will no doubt gain more popularity with all the new features, but hopefully it will not lose the simplicity it has over facebook.

New Twitter Layout

The new version now also includes the ability to use embedded video, which you can see when select a particular Tweet. This is a huge leap forward as you will now have more reason to spend time on Twitter. People will now be able to share more content with each other, whilst commenting on it. This now makes Twitter more attractive as a tool for me to promote my short films.

For some Facebook is too complicated and current Twitter is too basic. New Twitter will meet that middle ground and will no doubt become a much larger force in social media.