New Twitter: Day Two

Twitter is anticipating great things for itself very soon. It has been positioning itself at a worthy social networking competitor to Google by introducing very subtle changes to how it works over the last month or so.

I don’t know about you, but I currently have the very latest version of Twitter at my disposable fulltime. I had a go on it yesterday, but Twitter took it away from me as I was having WAY too much fun with it. You want to read how I first got to grips with the newest version of Twitter.

It all runs very smooth and satisfyingly. When you click on a Tweet in the timeline, a panel slides open with all the latest tweets from the ‘Tweeter’ of the post. The layout is far easier to use and I have learnt where everything is now.

I implore everyone to adopt it with open arms.

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3 thoughts on “New Twitter: Day Two

  1. oferta suksesi

    Dude, I disagree, the new Twitter Layout is terrible! I’ve been using Twitter for 3 years and I hate it whenever they change anything!

  2. Cheryl Mckenzie

    I liked reading this post thanks.
    I’ll defo add your site to my blog reader so later on I can read more of your articles.


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