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New Google Privacy Policy 2012 (60 in 1)

Google managed to update it’s Privacy Policy model today. This is what you can come across when you login to Google from today (if actioned this message will disappear)

New Google Privacy Policy

GoogleNet is almost here?

Over the years company took over a lot of businesses many with existing customers. Online services from YouTube, DoubleClick to Feedburner and many more had there own set of legal documents in place. During last 12 months we can see extra effort in bringing all these services in to one manageable system. This of course is not very smooth operation and Google managed to upset few people and institutions in the process. However difficult gradually whether we like it or not we are closer to Googlenet then ever before.
Google claims is managing currently over 60 privacy policies and is willing to replace them from 01/03/2012 with one which will serve everything from searching to sharing and browsing (You can read new policy here). Of course we can imagine all this is to do with cutting budget measures but we must mention recent advance of https in Google’s infrastructure as one of the elements which will show interesting results in the near future especially for online marketers.  From beta version and english based only service Google over ssl is now spreading to other languages

Encrypted search available on new regional domains. Google now offers encrypted search by default on google.com for signed-in users, but it’s not the default on our other regional domains (eg: google.fr for France). Now users in the UK, Germany and France can opt in to encrypted search by navigating directly to an SSL version of Google Search on their respective regional domains: https://www.google.co.uk, https://www.google.de andhttps://www.google.fr. [more about Jan 2012 Google update here]

We can soon expect many comments from legal and from technical gurus about one Privacy Policy changes from Google.

There are no shocking statements here but we must remember this page https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/ is perhaps now guarding Privacy of the biggest human database in the world!


New Bigger Google, literally…

Google makes a small enhancement, with big results!

Google Supersizes it's Search box and buttons...

Google Supersizes it's Search bar and buttons...

It’s a change that some people think Google should have made a long time ago, while others won’t really care about or even notice the change. After all, it’s only a simple change. But when you consider how rarely Google tinker with their layout, any change to Google’s search bar, no matter how minor and insignificant, can be thought of as a major change.

The announcement was made by none other than Google’s Marissa Meyer. And she ended it by saying:

“Google has always been first and foremost about search, and we’re committed to building and powering the best search on the web — now available through a supersized search box.’