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The World Waves Goodbye to Google Wave

Google Wave is DeadGoogle has now officially announced the end of Google Wave. Google has sent out emails to all users informing them that as of 31 January 2012 Google Wave will be read only and it will be turned off on 30 April 2012. If you want to continue using Wave there is an open source project called Walkaround that allows you to import all your waves from Google.

It was announced back in August 2010 that due to it’s lack of user adoption, mainly because Google tried to replace two perfectly good products that don’t need to be merged or improved, e-mail and instant messenger. While it was a useful messenger meeting tool I’m led to believe most users just played games and shared memes with it!

Now Google is preparing for the wave of the future Google+!






Wave Hello to Wave – First Impressions on New Googleworld Product

So Wave is in trial for 5 days now and – I have no invitation. Shame, Never mind.

So 500,000 users are in the trial and majority of them in the US. Google says it’s an amazing tool, we say Google’s PR this year is better then ever.

It is so strong that it makes us believe that there are just three busy areas for journalists, columnists and bloggers this year;

1) Michael Jackson

2) Economy Downturn

3) Google

(There is also Middle East war and political affairs but this is going for sometime now).

Basically if you are “Horse and Country” journalist or correspondent for Far East or Latin America you either cover one of these subjects above or get made redundant as there was nothing to do.

So where were we? I know, another brilliant invention from Google – Wave. Is it good? We will see, it seems great but I believe there is still one important problem with Google inventions – lack of functionality on the launch day. A tool like Wave has to be business orientated. Market will test this idea but from over 1h long promo video it looks like they have still a lot of to do.

Good Luck to Google Giant!