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Mozilla Proposes a “Do Not Track” Feature in Firefox 4

You maybe able to stop tailored ads showing up when you browse with this new feature in Firefox.

If the feature is enabled in the user’s browser, the HTTP header will send a “Do Not Track” message to all sites which request their data for behavioural advertising.

The image below shows how the system might work.

Mozilla Firefox do-not-track tool

The feature is still in proposal mode, however Mozilla hope that all browsers make this an industry standard.

This would be a huge step forward in obtaining user privacy, however if sites do not adopt this standard it will make no difference to web browsing.  If it is accepted by behavioural advertising sites it could give Firefox a great increase in market share!

Great Year for Google

The past year has seen a great success for Google. With Chrome’s market share reaching 9.98%, over 100% increase since January 2010 when they had only 4.63% market share.

However this was not good news for IE, losing over 5% of their market share over the course of the year.

Google Android OS has also see a significant Rise in new users of the Smart phone OS. In the US over the past 6 months, over 40% of new smart phone users choosing Android OS over iOS or Blackberry OS phones. However iOS is still the most popular phone OS with 28% overall market share Android OS is close behind with 25% overall market share.

With the release of Chrome OS and their Netbook the Cr-48, Google is looking to have another very prosperous year in 2011.