10 facebook billionaires – Floatation Rich List

There you go the facebook shares cost $38.23 (on the end of the first day trading)  for a punter to start investment but who is the king of real “early punters”?

Facebook Billionaires Countdown
Pos Value     @U$38.23/Flotation Cash (USD) Name/Who Picture invest. year initial invest. (USD) share % Est. ROI
10 1.06bn / 0.64bn Peter Thiel  Peter Thiel Facebook Bn 2004 0.5m  ~2  2120%
9 1.21bn / 0.89bn Tiger Global Management 2005  ~2.1
8 1.4bn / 176m Bono and Friends / Elevation Partners Bono investment director 2009 90m 2.3 1600%
7 1.4bn / 1.1bn Goldman Sachs Goldman Sachs IPO  2009  2.3
6 2.67bn / 0 Sean Parker sean parker napster-facebook  2004  ~4.2
5 2.73bn / ? Eduardo Saverin eduardo-saverin-facebook-ipo 2004 co-founder
4 4.7bn / 2.5bn Yuri Milner and Friends(DST+MAIL.ru) Yuri Milner DST Mail.ru Group Facebook ipo 2009-2011 about 500m overall
3 5.1bn / 0 Dustin Moskovitz Dustin-facebook-ipo  2004  co-founder  7.6  5.1bn%
2 5.85bn / 1.95bn Jim Breyer (Accel Partners) 2005 12.2m  ~8.5
1 19.2bn / 1.15bn Mark Zuckenberg Mark Zuckerberg Facebook IPO  2004 co-founder  24  19.2bn%

Surreal sums for 99.9% of over 900m people with accounts on Facebook thanks to whom this very few can earn such a money

Next time you post on facebook make sure you adding to these billions.

Krzysztof Kurzydlo

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