Internet World 2012 – SoLoCo says Google Mobile director

Internet World 2012 from organisational point of view was rather poor performance.

Fortunately speakers made up for all bad organisational experience. I expected a lot of sales pitches and things which are out of focus. Although we had some of these too majority of seminars, presentations and panels was Premier League.

Among arena speakers many top brands Microsoft, Guardian, Google, Expedia, eBay…

On the last day Ian Carrington Google Director of Mobile and Social presented Android based technology from Google and shared some industry figures – hugely important for many businesses. Of course he did sales pitch too but it was all balanced.

One of the most important things he mentioned was SoLoCo?!

We all know internet industry likes catchy phrases and acronyms. This is how we almost instantly adopted SoLoMo. Someone would think ok Google being Google come up with their own spin on SoLoMo and the introduced SoLoCo. I exchange opinions with couple of other people from industry and this is what I think about Google’s SoLoCo

It makes perfect sense but you need to go granular on SoLoMo to get a clear idea how this new nomenclature could work for Average Joe:

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