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Proof that IE users are Stupid!

Proof that IE users are stupid

A recent study by a Consulting  firm AptiQuant has conclusively* proven that IE users have a lower IQ than users of Firefox, Chrome or Safari!

The study conducted on some 100, 000 users took a free online IQ test.

The results showed IE users tended to have an IQ in the low 80′s, whereas Chrome, Firefox and Safari users showed scores of over 100. But if you want to be really clever you should use a browser like Opera or IE with Chrome Frame, those who took the test on these browsers had IQ levels of over 120.

AntiQuant has been threatened with legal action by loyal IE users, but whether anything will come of this is yet to be seen.

*So it may not be conclusive but if you have a lower IQ you’re more likely to use IE

UPDATE: So it turns out this story wasn’t true!