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Airlines Tough Times – flySilverjet.com – Administrator’s victim

Who is the biggest Online Advertising spender? Travel industry of course. Margins in travel are high enough to create great advertising budget. Of course everyone goes on holiday so it is main stream business too.

What is easy to sell on internet? – Tickets of course - bit of paper or even just a code and automatically generated text message or e-mail and you have done it – simple and clean job.

These are two main reasons for airlines to have a strong well managed websites. In this case they can sell directly to the public their own product without agency charges and put some additional and after sales services on the front of their customers. To do it so of course they need a lot of online marketing to make their website well visible. Of course they invest thousands of pounds in SEO, Online PR, PPC and all other techniques to keep Google happy and to produce more ad more traffic on their websites.

What happens then when all goes wrong? We have operations shut and before they start think website gets replaced by one flat html which says “home” in the title and a lot of legal admin non sense. We understand legal obligation to inform public about company status but this doesn’t mean you need to destroy website listings.

The thing is non of the Aministrators treats websites like assets – Incredible but true. they only see domain as potential asset but not search engines listings. These things are capable of producing valuable traffic all the way long what is the problem with setting up redirections or partnerships, affiliates programs. Administrators please just simply let the website sell for someone else and earn money from it for your Administration purposes.

It looks like opportunity has been missed and flysilverjet.com is another victim insted of beeing sold with its good PR, great linking structure is going to die slowly – money wasted.

Administrators wasters flush good SEO and online marketing job down the drain