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London gets Social to catch Rioters and Looters

London looter showing off stolen goods

and the award for dumbest looter goes to...

As many of you may have heard there has been rioting on the streets of London, and just as the rioter and looters turned to social media to organise their attacks the Met Police and other people opposed to the riots have done their bit to try and bring those who are responsible for the destruction to justice.

Here are links to blogs and flickr accounts I’ve found so far with pictures, tweets and other sources with photos of looters:

Let us know in the comments if you’ve found any other sources of looter images.

If you have any information about looters or rioters you can fill in an anonymous contact form on the Crime Stoppers site.

Londoners also used twitter for good when they organised riot clean ups (Check out #riotcleanup) in affected areas. Hundreds flocked to the streets armed with brooms and bin bags to help clean up the mess and destruction left by to rioters.

For more info about riot cleanups visit the Riot Cleanup Site, or check out #riotcleanup on twitter.

UPDATE: MET Police have launched a new site to identify London Disorder Suspects.