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Google Introducing Social Search Worldwide Next Week

Do you want your friend’s opinions clogging up the SERP? In the coming week this could be a reality with Google’s newest feature, Social Search!

If you’re signed into your Google account while searching Google guesses whose public content you may want to see from Google chat buddy list, your Google Contacts, people you follow in Google Reader and Buzz, and the networks you’ve linked from your Google profile or Google Account as well as your friends on networks like Twitter or flickr.

It will look something like this:

Google social search result from Twitter

Any search result with a social association to you will have the name of your friend, the network used and the date which the link was shared, by clicking on it you can see what they said.

Whether or not this is a new ranking factor is unclear, it wouldn’t be a very useful one as a friend could tweet about how much they hated the site, unless Google algorithmically decides whether the social link to the site is good or bad it shouldn’t be used as a ranking factor.