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Finding Out the Most Popular Google Searches for Marketing Reasons

If your writing an article or engaging an online marketing campaign, you may want to to know what people are searching for. Here are the easiest ways to find out:

How to find out the most popular Google Searches Today


If you wanted to know what people were searching for at this moment in time you would need to go Google Trends. You find there a list of the most popular search terms at the moment. This informtation gets refreshed every hour. At the moment the most popular search term on google.co.uk is currently ‘tornado nyc’.

How to find out the fastest growing Google Searches in Popularity

Google Hot Topics are a list of the fastest growing topics of conversation over the Internet, which is a handy thing to have as you can then create content where there might not be any. For example I wrote an article targeting the keyphrase “MyView Marketing” yesterday after learning people were talking about YouView the TV internet streaming service. It has only just been announced within a few hours that service has a name change. If you are to search ‘YouView Marketing’ today, you will see this marketing blog on the first page. Hopefully it shall remain for some time.

A very important use of social media is to keep up to date with the latest trends, to predict and anticipate what people may want to search for. Google Trends can help you achieve that.