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Facebook Security Flaw – Database Table Names Exposed

Ever wondered what mysql table names Facebook use? Well, now you can see thanks to Facebook’s Advertising Platform, which under the right set of circumstances will spit out a lovely (by lovely we mean potentially dangerous) error which reveals a little more than Facebook probably intended:









The error reads:

QueryConnectionException: connection dropped; ‘SELECT `account_id`,`admarket_id`,`friendly_name`,`status`,`channel`,`max_budget`,`funding_type`,`funding_id`,`abtest_id`, `credit_status`,`terms`,`currency`,`vertical_type`,`timezone_id`,vat_status,tier,manager_id FROM `account` WHERE `account_id` IN (7*******) LOCK IN SHARE MODE’

10 facebook billionaires – Floatation Rich List

There you go the facebook shares cost $38.23 (on the end of the first day trading)  for a punter to start investment but who is the king of real “early punters”?

Facebook Billionaires Countdown
Pos Value     @U$38.23/Flotation Cash (USD) Name/Who Picture invest. year initial invest. (USD) share % Est. ROI
10 1.06bn / 0.64bn Peter Thiel  Peter Thiel Facebook Bn 2004 0.5m  ~2  2120%
9 1.21bn / 0.89bn Tiger Global Management 2005  ~2.1
8 1.4bn / 176m Bono and Friends / Elevation Partners Bono investment director 2009 90m 2.3 1600%
7 1.4bn / 1.1bn Goldman Sachs Goldman Sachs IPO  2009  2.3
6 2.67bn / 0 Sean Parker sean parker napster-facebook  2004  ~4.2
5 2.73bn / ? Eduardo Saverin eduardo-saverin-facebook-ipo 2004 co-founder
4 4.7bn / 2.5bn Yuri Milner and Friends( Yuri Milner DST Group Facebook ipo 2009-2011 about 500m overall
3 5.1bn / 0 Dustin Moskovitz Dustin-facebook-ipo  2004  co-founder  7.6  5.1bn%
2 5.85bn / 1.95bn Jim Breyer (Accel Partners) 2005 12.2m  ~8.5
1 19.2bn / 1.15bn Mark Zuckenberg Mark Zuckerberg Facebook IPO  2004 co-founder  24  19.2bn%

Surreal sums for 99.9% of over 900m people with accounts on Facebook thanks to whom this very few can earn such a money

Next time you post on facebook make sure you adding to these billions.

Krzysztof Kurzydlo