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Buy a Failing Social Network!

News Corp. has finally decided to sell MySpace!

MySpace is Dead

In 2005 News Corp. purchased the social network for $580 million (£348 million).

In 2009 MySpace traffic took a big hit, plummeting as users left it for the now more preferred Facebook. It never managed to recover from that even after several revamps, added features and a whole new layout. Maybe now they’ve realised people are just fickle when it comes to their technological obsessions and if they’d invested in other more important parts of the site that would make it faster, less confusing and less spammy (I usually got 10 friend requests a day from random sleazy strangers).

Alas it is too late now for MySpace, they’ve now become the laughing stock of Social Media.  So now after axing over 500 jobs in January and investing some $275 million (£165 million) into restructuring the company Murdoch’s media giant has realised it’s just not worth it and is trying to get al least $100 million  (£60 million) for it.

The only way any one can turn a profit from a deal like that is to take the existing application, make it better and re-brand it because MySpace is most definitely dead.

The Independant’s URLs can be changed to anything! (Warning: Contains Swears)

Google has indexed almost 30 fake URLs for a story by The Independent about a Jelly Bean which resembles a vague likeness to the princess to be Kate Middleton.

The flaw in The Independant’s CMS allows you to put anything in the URL as long as the article ID is at the end of it.

Some of the URLs Google has indexed are:

I think you get the gist of it, but if you want you see a full list of fake URLs simply Google “site: inurl:2269573″ (with out the quote marks).

My Experience of the New Google Analytics Interface

Three weeks ago Google announced on the Analytics blog that a new interface was available to use for some accounts, I’m not sure if it’s been rolled out across all accounts or if I was one of the lucky few who are able to use the new one, either way here is what you can expect from the new interface!

One of the main features to get excited about is a brand new dashboard which you can customise with as many widgets as you want displaying almost any metric, pie chart, timeline or table.

But it doesn’t allow you to add custom reports to the dashboard, which is a step backwards for an ‘upgrade’ however the new interface is still in BETA so Google Engineers may still add this feature.

Another feature I found useful that has disappeared is the ability to export as a PDF. The only options available now are CSV, TSV and CSV for Excel.

The content section has been changed, so instead of looking at a Top Content report you can see a pages report, which has a navigation summary tab above the time line graph which shows where users navigated from to get to that page and where users navigated to when they left that page (think of it like a non-graphical in page analytics).

This enables you to track the most popular routes users take to get to goals on your site.

Overall I’m impressed by the new interface hopefully some of the currently exclude features will be added when a full release is ready.

Google Offers 2 New Products to Get You Fit!

Gmail Motion, currently in it’s BETA stage is one of the two new ground breaking products Google is offering today!

Gmail Motion uses your computer’s webcam along with Google’s spatial tracking technology to register your movements and translate them into meaningful commands, phrases and characters, as shown in the image to the right.

This exciting new technology breaks down the currently existing barriers between humans and the restricting input devices we are lumbered with.

Google Motion can increase your productivity by up to 12% whilst keeping you fit.

Google has also said a Google Docs Motion could be available in the next few months as well.

But that’s not all Google is offering today, in keeping with the physical fitness theme Google Chrome has released Chormercise, a workout for your hands!

Google understands that web surfing can be strenuous, and with browsers becoming faster and faster how can you keep up?

They’ve created a workout to give your hands greater strength and dexterity so you can surf the web faster and loose your phalanges flab!

These products are some of the most revolutionary Google has brought out I hope to see them integrated with all the services Google currently offers (Motion Maps?, Google Buzzerobics?).

Click here to find out more about Gmail Motion BETA and Google docs Motion BETA.

To learn more about Chromercise visit

This may be an April fools joke…