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Google Algorithm and Impact on WWW size

Since Google’s policy (and Google Algorithm) has drastically changed last year regarding paid links WWW had another great reason to grow in volume (Of course Google’s decision is just another reason for having another social media account). Everyone seems to have twitter accounts, links on blogs and works hard on all kinds of forums to get the link in either form out there.
I tried to get a sensible clue out of this and finally I thought about Google Algorithm.
Google Algorithm is not longer brilliant because of its relevancy. Google Algorithm is great because this is a very powerful business engine behind one of the biggest companies in the world. Google’s Algorithm task is to deliver results not to us but to Google’s boardroom and not in the form of horribly looking text links which they recently try to make it more attractive but in the form of
more money
and more money.

My lovely cheeky Google Giant makes money out of AdWords platform which is working well only because of Google brilliant algorithm.
AdWords need more users and publishers to make money so the key success will be to adjust Algorithm always the way that it will produce more users and publishers and will help to get rid of competition buy simply telling everyone – You know AdWords is the only way to go if you want online presence (very clever).

- Among other stuff Google owns: Blogger, Orkut etc – These services are unlikely to bring money back unless they have AdSense publishers and/or traffic
- New Content = New Pages – paid linking doesn’t usually bring new www. Link publisher gets all the money with no contribution to Google he is very unlikely to introduce AdSense online.
- This is simple the more pages is out there the bigger job search engines have and the bigger money are going to their pockets (they all know that not only Google)

I like everything what makes web growing – so lets make it even bigger – I just did my bit – did you?

Wave Hello to Wave – First Impressions on New Googleworld Product

So Wave is in trial for 5 days now and – I have no invitation. Shame, Never mind.

So 500,000 users are in the trial and majority of them in the US. Google says it’s an amazing tool, we say Google’s PR this year is better then ever.

It is so strong that it makes us believe that there are just three busy areas for journalists, columnists and bloggers this year;

1) Michael Jackson

2) Economy Downturn

3) Google

(There is also Middle East war and political affairs but this is going for sometime now).

Basically if you are “Horse and Country” journalist or correspondent for Far East or Latin America you either cover one of these subjects above or get made redundant as there was nothing to do.

So where were we? I know, another brilliant invention from Google – Wave. Is it good? We will see, it seems great but I believe there is still one important problem with Google inventions – lack of functionality on the launch day. A tool like Wave has to be business orientated. Market will test this idea but from over 1h long promo video it looks like they have still a lot of to do.

Good Luck to Google Giant!

Google 11th Birthday Marks Online Advertising in UK at its Peak

Coincidence or very clever PR? Just 3 days after Google’s 11th birthday BBC published IAB and PWC study regarding Online Advertising. Official numbers say:

Online spending grew 4.6% to £1.752bn in the first half of 2009, while TV spending shrank 16.1% to £1.639bn.

Of Course this is not a milestone (it was expected sooner or later). The study sparkled a lot of discussion what is better TV or online. In my opinion Eggheads from both sides forgot couple of things.

Both types of advertising are fuelling each other. The truth is if not tv advertising online would be a little dwarf brother of a paper based advertising. Is enough to see how gigantic traffic is referred to your website when you have links on websites like BBC or Times online.

Of course this traffic is generated because these guys themselves in their real world publications promote online world. On the other hand we have TV people banging their heads against the wall saying that TV advertising is the best value per customer – of course they keep forgetting that you need initial £1m to start talking about putting your ad out there not even mentioning timescale for the project.

I am Glad to be in Online Marketing business. Maybe it sounds narcissistic, but online advertising is the most effective form of marketing your products if you need to be fast out there look no further. On the other hand I am a very concious how powerful Radio, TV and Paper ads can be. This is the reason we always work with PR people and our strategy contains very powerful message.

But for AdWords, Webmaster tools, GMail, AdSense, Analytics, Conversion Tracking and Google Labs inventions we should all sing:

Happy Birthday Google!