New Google Black Layout for 2011 – Google turns to the dark side!

Google has been testing a new black naviagtion bar with a grey search bar background.

As per any change that occurs on the internet users are complaining. They claim that the new black navigation bar ruins their custom Google homepage.

New Google layout 2011
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Google is always testing new positioning, colours and many other slight changes to all their services, this one is just one of the most noticeable visual changes this year.

If you’ve seen it let us know what you think of the new Google layout. Did it ruin your custom Google homepage?

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5 thoughts on “New Google Black Layout for 2011 – Google turns to the dark side!

  1. Simmy

    I absolutely hate the new one, we were alright with the old, at least give an option to revert to the “classic” look.

  2. naapi

    The only way Google can screw up and lose the search engine leadership is to make the site worse. Exactly that is happening at the moment.


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