Google Goggles – Browse The Web by Taking an iPhone Photo

I was on Twitter earlier today and saw the trending topic ‘google goggles’, and was intrigued. At first  thought they had done something new to their homepage. Again.

But no, it was a new iPhone App that lets you search Google by taking photos of objects and landmarks.

Here is a young Adrian Chiles explaining how to use the Google Goggles iPhone App

So, what we know is that the App is very clever and can be great fun. If you are in a famous city you can find out what buildings are which, but its a long way off before you can photograph the Walton on Thames Aldi to get a search result about it.

I remember having great fun whilst at my mate’s flat using his barcode reading app that brought up a price comparison list to buy products online. I was very amused at the sheer range of obscure products it managed to get results for. Even VHS tapes that went out of production over a decade ago.

This looks like a great App and I may just have to become like all my friends and get an iPhone.

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4 thoughts on “Google Goggles – Browse The Web by Taking an iPhone Photo

  1. Marisa Tomei

    That’s a bit creepy, what if the feature evolves so far that you can take photos of people on the street and find out all about them?


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