No Google Doodle for Paralympics!?

The Google doodle has been with us since Google first started. Every day when something special happens: Xmas, Thanksgiving, Olympics, World Cup, Paralympics – No, hold on – Paralympics? – They’re not that important. Especially to those in London.  Who cares that these games are second biggest sports event in the world! With 2.5 million tickets sold this event must be not worth of investment in Doodle? They don’t make as much money as Olympic Games and the main sponsor Sainsbury is not a big Adwords spender – lets ignore it!
Googlers- What is wrong with you people!!! Shame on you!

Not enough search volume to promote great sporting event – no money there? And this is coming just a few days after RM had to be pushed to treat Paralympians medallist equally to Olympians by issuing stamps and by painting postboxes in their postcodes gold – Gigantic modern corporations with pathetic marketing approach from XIXc.
Paralympics not Equal to Olympics according to Google

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One thought on “No Google Doodle for Paralympics!?

  1. john caine

    I cannot believe anyone is surprised at the Paralympic Google Doodle ommission. It’s a US corporation for heavens sake. No profit in sport for cripples ! Wait till the US team start winning medals. Better still, somehow ask the US team what they think of Googles negligence ? Who are the cripples ?


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