gTLD follow up – New Internet behind the corner!

ICAAN ( Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) received 1930 applications for new gTLDs. Within these applications there are 1409 unique domains in different character sets including Russian, German, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Chinese.
There are very obvious three letters applications: LLP, LTD, WEB, SEX, etc. But also some longer ones even to some degree eccentric:

Apart from ICAAN’s fees (U$185K) applicants are expected to put forward up to U$20K in legal and administrative costs associated with registration.
This fee structure makes it only available for companies and organisations with a spare cash to play.
Industry believes the very first websites to use new gTLDs we can expect by the end of 2012. However, we @Absowebly are almost certain there will be a little bit of delay between release and actual market availability of these domains. From public point of view change will start happening in 2015 when the first proper campaigns will hit mainstream media advertising new internet to us all i.e., apply @, go to or something similar.

Have you got any plans regarding gTLDs?

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