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Jumo – A Social Network for Charities

Philanthropist Chris Hughes, who helped set up Facebook has given a press conference on his latest project: Jumo, a social networking website for charities and causes to market themselves online.

Jumo is apparently set to revolutionise how people interact with charities, although details are under wraps for now. Jumo is promised to be a site where you search for local or international causes to follow. Once you have followed them, you can receive updates and be invited to donate or offer voluntary services.

Being a website just for good causes, Jumo will help charities market themselves much easier online as they will stand out more. They will not get lost in a sea of other pages, such is the once-stop-shop of Facebook.

The high profile of Chris Hughes will attract the attention of the world’s media, and I am sure celebrities like Bono, Chris Martin and Bob Geldoff will jump on board to promote this charitable project.

I believe Jumo will be a landmark moment in social media as I am very surprised there is nothing like it online at the moment. Modular Internet Marketing will be a very close eye on this promising website.