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Backlash Against ‘Edgy’ University Marketing Decisions

Drake University ‘D+’ Marketing

To set itself apart from other American Universities, Drake University in Iowa has decided to market itself as a ‘D+’ University. The D+ apparently represents the Drake University ‘plus’ advantage you would receive. All their direct marketing and their website display the rubbish school grade type. Many bloggers and former students have criticised the obvious devaluation of the institute its attempt to be edgy creates. At least all this attention has given the University much more attention.

Those who should be intelligent enough to grace a University campus shouldn’t fail in looking through the marketing. The marketing may of worked as they have had significantly increased interest from potential applicants over the previous year.

On a lighter note, in 2008 the American University in Washington decided to use the slogan ‘American Wonk’ to promote itself. It’s an American term used for overly studious nerds. Literally ‘Know’ spelt backwards. Commenters have made light of the term ‘wonk’, making similarities between it and a cartoon sound effect, or a sexual act.

All in all if you are a small institute with no reputation to speak of, creating something radical to get people talking about your University could be a good way to get attention, but I would advise against larger places with an already established reputation to go this route as they have more to lose than gain.