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Christmas Shopping Hit Badly By WikiLeaks Cyberwar “Operations Payback”

First figures from today’s trade analysis show astonishing results. Hackers attacks during WikiLeaks Cyberwar brought to hold most of the online operations on payment gateways in UK and Europe. PayPal, MasterCard and lately Visa’s online payment operations suffered badly.

Up to the moment we analysed 12 online operations with payment gateways and we found 52% decrease!!!! in transactions on year to year basis during last 24h while traffic didn’t change. For 7 websites this is the highest trading season and the difference between average from last 7 days and today’s transactions is edging 70% downfall. Some of the businesses went from the highest to the lowest figures within 24h

In this light late MasterCard statement is the biggest scam possible as they mention there is no difference in service for customers payment processing. We experienced today these problems ourselves from both customer and trading organisation point of view. Which clearly shows how incompetent they are under simple attack. I wonder if Paypal is going to address these reviewing monthly payments from their customers – no – of course not you silly. Try to imagine any of these organisation say yes we were unable to process few of your payments today this is £1 back :-)

All payment processing organisations looks like they try to cover up the fact they simply useless and are growing overconfident lately. Obviesly millions of businesses worldwide pay substential amounts of money towards online payments processing they may wonder now where their fees are going to? “Anonymous” group attacks are one of the most common type of attacks on servers (DDoS). My instant question is why my business suffer so badly while the fees are so high and should. Question is simple money are not reinvested on the correct level in infrastructure and services get easily struck by bunch of guys (something about bonuses – maybe).

The whole situation simply looks like another cock up from financial sector. They aren’t helping businesses to get loans but they also now block businesses ability to make a business. – Great

These are main services affected (3D Security unable to cope with requests)

3D Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Targets for WikiLeaks Cyberwar Operation PayBack

3D Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Targets for WikiLeaks Cyberwar Operation PayBack

There is no need to panic as there is no indication “Anonymous’” attacks created breach of security.

I believe we will be back tomorrow to analyse Operation Payback and its impact on Online Marketing in detail.