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AdWords Ad Extensions – The Full Story

Google are slowly rolling out a new Adwords feature called Ad Extensions, which you’ve probably already come across in your account. They can be found in the Settings tab of each Campaign and allow you to add your Business Location for example, from your Google Places account or by manual address entry. Then when someone is served your Ad they will see an expandable link below your Ad that shows them a map of your business location. This is one Ad Extension you may have already used if your business relies on walk-in customers.

Using Ad Extensions

Sometimes providing additional information in your Ads is necessary in order to get the best response, and Google Ad Extensions does exactly that. For example, when you’re trying to describe a product, including a picture could make the message more relevant and valuable. Or when trying to describe a location, an Ad that only contains text can be confusing. In this case, having a map can help someone find your location more easily.

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Available Ad Extensions

There are only a handful of Ad Extensions available to everyone at the moment, like Locations (as mentioned above), Click-to-Call (for mobile devices) & Sitelinks. But in future all of the following Ad Extensions will be available:

Currently these Ad Extensions are available in limited release & limited beta only so it’s unlikely that you’d see these in your account yet but we’ve spotted some already so they are definitely out there! Take a look at this example of Adwords Product Extensions:

If you were lucky enough to be part of the beta testing, or currently using the limited release, we would really like to hear from you!