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Internet World 2012 – SoLoCo says Google Mobile director

Internet World 2012 from organisational point of view was rather poor performance.

Fortunately speakers made up for all bad organisational experience. I expected a lot of sales pitches and things which are out of focus. Although we had some of these too majority of seminars, presentations and panels was Premier League.

Among arena speakers many top brands Microsoft, Guardian, Google, Expedia, eBay…

On the last day Ian Carrington Google Director of Mobile and Social presented Android based technology from Google and shared some industry figures – hugely important for many businesses. Of course he did sales pitch too but it was all balanced.

One of the most important things he mentioned was SoLoCo?!

We all know internet industry likes catchy phrases and acronyms. This is how we almost instantly adopted SoLoMo. Someone would think ok Google being Google come up with their own spin on SoLoMo and the introduced SoLoCo. I exchange opinions with couple of other people from industry and this is what I think about Google’s SoLoCo

It makes perfect sense but you need to go granular on SoLoMo to get a clear idea how this new nomenclature could work for Average Joe:

The worst organised Internet show ever #iwexpo or internet industry notorious problem!

This will sound like a proper whinging but if you survive first part it get’s better towards the end (is not all that bad after all we just need some truly comprehensive industry gathering with good organisation).


Short Internet World 2012 summary:

speakers and exhibitors – premier class,

organisation – third league


It supposed to be the biggest and best Internet show in London in 2012 at least this is what you would expect from internet trade show which is around for 20 years! – It wasn’t :-(.

Organisational failures:

- seminar programe unconfirmed to the last moment, about third of seminars unknown –  hilarious outputs of last minute patchwork - SYNOPSIS NEEDED

- Popup Seminar theaters with inadequate sizes – mobile – perhaps the hottest  topic of the year ended up with the smallest theater!

- Not unified strategy regarding “fast track” badge holders advertised on homepage “Guarantee a seat at all education with a Fast-Track Pass”. I didn’t made to 3 seminars! Despite of being at the “gates” on the time before seminar theoretically started. I was told there is no space for me in Advertising, Affiliate & Search Theatre twice (I was told: “You can complain to organizers sir”) and ended up with cancelled – “Best practices: Advice for taking your social media programme global” in social media theater. For people who didn’t pay to attend seminar program this is perhaps fine but for someone who spent money on these “Fast Track badges” it was poor organisation.

- Useless and confusing “Club Visitor” upgrades – Why? – Organizers had this idea of treating potential buyers better – in  general good idea but if you won’t create correct infrastructure it does make no sense! Few tables and chairs is not enough – I spent 15 minutes in a queue for my tea as area was available for everyone else on the first day – never used again simply pointless.

Internet World 20th aniversary

But there was a lot of  good stuff @iwexpo

- The idea of six worlds as there are complimentary sector specific events from UBM gives impression of holistic approach to Internet Industry. And this is very good idea.

- Surprisingly the best element of this show were seminars and presentations or FREE EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME. Speakers step up and they presented high quality stuff. For a very first time only couple of people treated potential buyers as “uneducated lunatics” with budgets to spend (this happens a lot on consumer focused trade shows where sales people try to act as knowledgeable industry leaders). I suppose the harder market becomes the tougher is to sell crap.

Well done Internet World speakers!

To be honest looking on Earls Court Two yesterday I have bad feeling this show didn’t make expected profit as there was a lot of empty space and unused stands. Show didn’t seam to be busy at all with visitors – maybe there is no need for shows like this?

Get a grip of course it can’t be trueworth over £100Bn UK industry can’t make a trade show which would allow potential buyers to show comprehensive internet technology offer from ISPs to Hosting, Ecommerce and online marketing? Internet World has great potentials: Name and established brand but it felt as provincial show. You compare this to Travel shows like ITB in Berlin or WTM in London and you will understand what I am talking about. When I’m entering WTM or ITB I know I can meet there everyone from industry either as visitor, exhibitor or speaker – I mean everyone. Technology section on ITB has got separate building and if organised on its own would perhaps be bigger then all UBM shows put together!




Are we unable to create a real world class show for internet industry? It is well known fact there is no other unorganised, polarized and divided industry in the world. See cookie law comes across in EU.

There is no formalised industry voice?- sorry guys this is stupid law and has no sense whatsoever. We just start talking who should handle this – browsers, websites, ISPs etc. How nice would be to meet together and write document to EU commissioners or lawmakers – No sorry look 90% of industry says your law makes no sense whatsoever – go fish.

Where it gets wrong?

Opposite to for example Travel Industry which seems to have one of the best trade shows in the world – engaging , lead generating and well organised from infrastructure point of view we are unable to gather everyone in one place. When I’m on WTM I can see Accor Hotels next to Holiday Inn brands, 5 the biggest car hire companies, even Palestine and Israel have both stands there. Despite their different opinions and native technologies people from top players in each section of the industry argue their points in seminars and conferences and create industry standards to keep external regulators away. Unfortunately I am yet to see Internet Trade Show where in Search Engines section I can see stands from Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu and Top players from Ecommerce or Social Media World launch new products for business or layouts for customers.

Tell me who wouldn’t join big arena for 1h mobile panel of experts talk – Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, RIM where we would have top Googler, Apple guy, RIM and Microsoft guy replying to some unexpected questions from audience. This same with Browsers standards, ISP speeds etc. We all know how painful this is.

Maybe egos in our industry are too big for such a show ? Or technology leaders are petrified to go head to head during knowledge based not sales based event and discover some company which doesn’t want to be purchased and has got no connections to Sequoia Capital.

Benefits from such a show for the entire industry are obvious – things like SOPA could be discussed across all industry sectors and actions with programme for lobbing politicians and media could be nicely put in place so we would talk using one voice or at least we would be able to identify what is the majority voice in this area.

G+ in vanilla search results on Google UK!

There it is!

I might have missed this by couple of days but I must admit I have never seen this type of layout within UK results.

I consulted this with my colleagues and it looks like this is the very first appearance we noticed!
We are always asked by customers how to identify influencers among this vast numbers of bloggers and social media based publishers? Not waiting for twitter, facebook or any other platform Google decided to tell us this very clearly. Google’s paraphrased message is simple

“we (Google) believe people who use very strongly and promote Google social media product G+ are these people who are the strongest influencers on the market for any given subject.”

In this case three “Python” coding language related accounts/pages are promoted within space usually used by AdWords (not that I was looking for but give or take “mind reading by Google” is not scheduled for release until late 2014:-)
I’m telling you – Average Joe and Plain Jane get your circle sorted ASAP!
New Social Search is here in UK fully implemented form now onwards