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Google Maps in Adwords – Sponsored Links just keep on getting bigger

Google have been in the headlines a lot lately due to the amount of testing that’s been going on… We’ve seen various versions of the homepage; some with buttons; some without buttons; some saying ‘Press Enter to Search’; and some saying nothing at all until the user moves their mouse over the page, triggering the fancy fade-in effect, revealing the rest of the page.

And now comes more evidence that Google are willing to test new features. This time in Adwords - Features that affect the way certain Sponsored Links are displayed to the user.

So far we’ve seen Site Links in the Sponsored Links (only for certain brand keywords – for obvious relevancy reasons).

And now, we’ve even seen Maps appearing in Sponsored Links – from what we’ve seen, we can only assume that Google grabs the location for the map from the businesses location given for that particular Adwords account (optional) when people are setting up their account for the first time.

It’ll be interesting to see if Google decide to keep these changes, or if they are merely test. One thing which might scare you if you do a lot of SEO, is the shear size of the Sponsored Links when these new elements are present, and the effect it may have on natural results by forcing users to scroll down further to see them.

Tell us what you think…

Revolution – Search Engine Algorithms and Tools 2009

UFF! We now there – I mean on the other side.

SEO and Online Marketing is never going to be same again.

- New AdWords with better layout and compleatly new tools

- Real Time Search in Search Engines

- Social Media based CRM systems

- Google Wave

- Google Chrome and soon OS

- Another face of Microsoft – Bing

- Yahoo! step away from Search Engine

- Another generation of iPhone/iPod related products

- More…

- and More, and More

So if you were Search Engines Commentator this year you had hands full of work but how this whole thing is going to change live of civile user or business online marketing?

Perhaps we will see new generation of social media service aggregators which will help manage customers and your presence online. Micro-targeting will have a new meaning as you will be able on world scale and micro-target users of multiple networks. Currently managing social media is a pain in back side as smaller businesses are simply unable to cope with keeping their accounts updated – Effect – dead accounts all over the place.

And SEO (I doubt something like that still exists in the form of keyword optimisation but if yeas there is a challange:

- Google AdWords on the top of Natural search taking more and more space especially with Maps in AdWords and Portal Links in Adwords too

- Google Maps on the top of of almost all local searches – Universal Search properly taking over

- Real time Search on the first page of Google pushing SEO even further

- Search Options button to split General, Forum, Blog etc search

- and more and more coming with back to basics (keyword tags and description tag)

I believe we can manage very well as these are great opportunities but it needs a lot of effort especially from Online Marketers point of view to convince their clients mostly medium to small business that being on twitter is the way to go

We can do it, can we?