Moto X – Made in USA – Google to win US Taxpayer – Why?

Moto X factory in USA

source: Motorola

The news hit markets just six days after purchase of the Motorola Mobility by Google was completed.
The story is here and it is potentially big one for many reasons:
a) Google can make Android restricted for other users this will create bipolar market iPhone vs AndroMoto (ultimate Google Phone)
b) Moto X was announced to be the first phone to return to US production line – This is proper Wow! If you imagine the number of currently used phones in US that have been assembled in US.
We are waiting for trend here!
With horse meat in food, faulty extinguishers, poisonous plastic toys and other surprises from the market making us more aware about supplier chains. You no longer have a clue where the things you use come from. What is the real standard of items around you.
On the top of this we have the speed at which response to market changes and needs factory under your control gives you more flexibility and quicker response times. Google and Motorola decided to cut out the middleman and produce Moto X in an old Nokia factory in the US, this is faster and better from product cycle point of view. On the top of that PR connected to this assembly line will bring them an extra weapon against Apple.
If during next few months we will hear about more production lines coming back to US it might be not comfortable situation for China. Traditional producers of electronic accessories from Taiwan, Japan, Korea will stay untouched but Chinese assembly lines may disappear very quickly especially as standards in South America go up due to time zones and proximity to US companies see more advantages in working with Brazil than the Far East.
c) We have now proper Google “Big Brother” vision. ┬áMotorola Mobility with all its assets including 17000 patents related to mobile technology holds enormous potentials for expansion. Google looks in to the bright future.

We will posts more about Moto X later the year as it will have significant impact on direct customer marketing. We will also look in to future of Android as open source platform.

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