Battle of The Bloggers – Competition Deadline is Extended to 14 December

All through November we were talking about the wonderful competition that was being held by Topdeck Travel- it gave bloggers the unique opportunity to win their dream holiday.

“Battle of the Bloggers” proved so popular that the guys at Topdeck Travel were inundated with requests from bloggers to extend the competition deadline. The aim of the competition was the find the very best travel blogger- and Topdeck Travel do not want to deny anyone the opportunity to showcase their talents- so it has been decided that the competition will be extended to 14 December!

This deadline will be  final, so anyone that wants to enter must submit the following by the 14 December:

  •  Write a 500 word post on your blog decribing your favourite travel experience. (It must describe a Topdeck Travel destination).
  • Post a video entry on youtube describing the same experience, and tag it #battleofthebloggers.
  • Fill in the entry form on the Topdeck site.
To go to the competition website, please click here. Again, good luck!
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