Monthly Archives: November 2008

Woolworth to follow bad example!

Three months ago we reported about silly approach to website management by appointed Administrators of Silverjet. Three months on and we have this same situation! As tough economic climate looks like is about to settle for longer then few months collapses of big retail chains, travel companies and other industries

Forget it people another clever administrator this time from high street chain Woolworths.

These guys should make sure as much money as possible is made from this situation to pay debts of the company and to secure some income to pay wages to employees etc. What they do instead! The first decision is to put on website information about Administration but not the nice way so they could trade website listings in the future to Woolworths competitors or new buyer! Not they use again nasty way which wiped out all few years of investment in few days.

Pathetic especially most of these Administrators are on six  figures salaries + bonuses. Powerful but not clever – shame!