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First Googlenet then the World? No, thank you we tried this with MS

90′s was a decade of MS Windows. Microsoft was a gigant company. Everyone no matter what was running Windows OS.

Pirated or legal it was installed on over 90% of all Computers in the world. There was a small minority of users running other OSs. Macintosh, OS2 and other systems for tech savvy people never made to the broad market. 10% market share was a great achivement.

And than KDE and GNOMe, New G3 series of Macs poped out. Linux SuSE, Debian, Mandrake  and other systems, Microsoft started to loose its grip on the market. Now with Google announcing their new OS Microsoft should be worried!

Google spam clicks

Lets check how fast google reacts to spam

Spam clicks reported on my account on 03/07/2009 13 visits through AdWords within 3 minutes

i visited website immediately and removed it from AdWords content has nothing to do with my customer

decided to see what is going on

I will report on progress

Bing, Bong, Bang, Prank

Exciting news! We have new search engine from Microsoft and as usual (I want you to remember we had new seach engine from MSN before. It was called Live not for Long alive)…

Anyway we are looking for even more search engines from Microsoft and by the way I like name MSN as this fits perfectly in to GYM idea

Who remembers GYM if we had couple of years GYL and now GYB.

In couple of years someone will describe three the biggest search engines as GY and the third one from Microsoft – This will be like defining the Rolling Stones as – Mick Jagger + three others